The Haitian Tabernacle Church has been serving the Community in Brooklyn since 1994. Pastor Marc Louicius Jean is our founder and our senior Pastor. Over the years, our church has been the cornerstone of all Haitian Christian fellowship centers in the city. We have united protestant preachers and church members to organize evangelical events, such as the annual Haitian Coalition Convention to promote the gospel of the coming of Jesus Christ.

We believe and accept the absolute truth of the Holy Bible. We have accepted Jesus Christ as the only Savior, Redeemer of mankind. He is the word of God that became flesh to live and to die amongst to save us all.

 Our 'raison d'être' is to glorify God. We intend at conducting our lives in everything to usher the coming of the new Jerusalem.

We invite you to visit  and worship with us. In the spirit of fellowship, we welcome everyone to come as you are. Come everyone who is heavy laden. We will pray with you and for you. We will intercede on your behalf for healing, for freedom from sins and addictions. Check the order of our services above plan as your schedules seem fit.

Name:     Haitian Tabernacle Learning Center   Location: 20 Lenox Rd Brooklyn, NY 1126  Director:  Pastor Marc Louicius Jean